Shopping Friendship Heights: Whole Foods

For years the only Whole Foods close to our neighborhood was on River Road in Bethesda. It was a small parking lot and not the most convenient location. Then they opened one in Silver Spring. It was larger and somewhat easier to park but still not the most convenient location.

More Grocery Variety & Conveniences for Chevy Chase Residents

They opened up in Friendship Heights in May with garage parking. Although a little tricky to find the way in the garage and the entrance to the store, once you get the hang of it, it is fine. This store is well laid out and offers lots of unique features that some of the other Whole Foods do not:

  • They have a juice and coffee bar up front to enjoy a drink while you shop or after.
  • They have a smoked meats station with all kinds of barbeque.
  • They also have an international food station with prepared foods to go.
  • It also has a comprehensive fruit and vegetable section with unique seasonal selections.

This Chevy Chase Resident’s Favorite Things About Whole Foods Market

I enjoy looking at all the many choices of fresh and organic foods. My favorite bread is Pan de champagne which is excellent toasted. I just tried a raisin cinnamon whole grain bread that was good, too. They have peanut butter machines where you can grind your own blend including one with peanuts and chocolate chips. You can also pour your own honey and agave nectar into their containers or your own. There is an olive oil area where you can sample and pour your own olive oil with about 10 different selection from different countries. I like their fresh pasta bar as well which I have not seen at their other stores.

The check out is well organized. They call the next person in line to keep things moving so you don’t have to search for the shortest line. They have an incline conveyer belt where your shopping cart remains stationary and you ride it to the garage. Very efficient.

 So be sure to visit one of the latest additions to our Chevy Chase community. Store hours & directions.

50 Reasons to Shop Whole Foods in Friendship Heights

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Eat healthy and enjoy!