Asbestos and Selling Your DC area Home

If you’re planning to sell your Metro-area home, an asbestos disclaimer might seem troubling. But it’s important to get all the facts straight about asbestos.

How is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos can pose a health risk when it is exposed into the air. When the tiny particles are inhaled, you may be at risk for lung disease and cancer.

Why is Asbestos in My House?

Asbestos was commonly used as an insulator in many homes. It also served other purposes like siding, tape wrapping for furnace air ducts, and in some cases, it can be found in “popcorn” ceilings. There are several remedies that range from the simple to the complex.

How Will Asbestos Affect the Sale of my Metro area Home?

Be sure to get in touch with me when you’re ready to put your Washington DC area home on the market. I can assure you that asbestos is actually quite common, and I’d be happy to shed some light on the subject.