Painting Your Home to Sell

A fresh coat of paint can open up an entire room. More importantly it can bring you, the home seller, a good price for your DC area home.

Should I Repaint My DC area Home?

A home buyer probably won’t like the look of chipped paint, exposed wood or faded surfaces. You definitely don’t want your house to look run-down if you’re trying to attract a buyer. And if your carpeting looks worn, dirty or is a strange color or style you should probably think about replacing it.

What Happens if I Choose Not to Repaint?

You want draw in home buyers, and it will be harder for you to make the sale. Most buyers won’t want to spend a lot of extra money to fix up a place. Usually, if the house doesn’t look its best, the buyer will just keep walking.
When you’re ready to sell your DC area home, let me know so I can give you tips about the housing market.