Chevy Chase Oddities: A Blast from the Past

Have you ever thought about what Chevy Chase was like back in the day? The Ghosts of DC blog researches all kinds of historical stories from the past – from the informative to the downright strange. It’s worth checking out. Here are a couple of historical tidbits you might not have known.

Police Crash Out-of-Control Pajama Party

Apparently Chevy Chase Village was the place for wild parties…at least in the ‘20s. Ghosts of DC recently found a newspaper article from 1929, where police had to break up a rowdy ‘whoopee’ party on Grafton Street. The home owner’s son and daughter, David and Marjorie Morris, hosted the party (while their parents were away). Police investigated after receiving noise complaints, and found a crowded house filled with pajama clad youths. David and Marjorie Morris were charged with “running a disorderly house.”

Compare Chevy Chase Village Today

While the Village might not be the site of raging ‘whoopee’ PJ parties, there were 12 noise complaints in June according to the Chevy Chase Village police report. No reports could be found for “running a disorderly house.”

Wild Weather in Chevy Chase

In1896, a tornado struck down in Chevy Chase Circle according to another Ghosts of DC post. Surprisingly, no one was hurt in the storm although there was major damage to farmlands.  Poles near the Chevy Chase Club and Chevy Chase Inn were blown down, leaving wires tangled on the ground.  

Chevy Chase Storm Facts

The last tornado to touch down near Chevy Chase happened in 2010. One of the worst tornadoes happened in 2002, killing three and injuring 122.

Know of any offbeat stories from Chevy Chase’s past? Feel free to share with us.