4 Amenities That Will Make Chevy Chase Home Buyers Swoon

Chevy Chase Home SellingAre you currently contemplating listing your Chevy Chase home on the local housing market? Congratulations! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog lately, you know that now is an excellent time to get the price you want for your property. Demand for local homes just keeps growing and growing!

However, there are certainly some homes that are more desirable than others. If your home has any one of the below mentioned amenities, you can feel confident your home’s going to get plenty of attention from home buyers.

Home Amenities That Buyers Love

A wine cellar. Everyone dreams of owning a home that’s going to make them feel like they’re living the luxurious life every time they come home. Maybe that’s why, according to recent surveys, wine cellars are such a desirable feature in today’s market. Don’t have one already? Consider using that extra, rarely-used space in your basement and turning it into a wine cellar by adding a few wine racks. Remember: Wine Cellars should have limited light and minimal variation in temperature.

Walk-in Closets. This has been a lasting preference among home buyers. Who wouldn’t want the extra room to comfortable store their clothing and shoes? Don’t have one to offer home buyers? Consider transforming a corner of your master suite to create a walk-in closet effect.

Storage space. No surprise here: Buyers love to have extra space for their things. If this isn’t something you already have, consider using your high ceilings to your benefit by adding extra shelving or cabinetry – or constructing a shelving wall in the garage.

Outdoor living space. Most home buyers love to envision themselves lounging outdoors on warm summer evenings. Help them be able to see that at your home by grouping a couple of chairs and a table in the yard or maybe even making use of the deck by offering ample seating.

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