6 Tips for Smarter Kitchen Storage in Your Bethesda MD Home

kitchen 3Whether you’re getting ready to sell your house or simply looking to reorganize, it’s nearly impossible to have too much storage space.

Today, I’m going to give you six tips for adding storage space to your Bethesda home’s kitchen. By utilizing these tips in your day to day life, you can streamline the look and improve the functionality of your home’s most popular living space.

How to Enhance Your Kitchen’s Storage Capacity

1. Corner drawers. While this storage solution needs to be built by a professional, corner drawers can give you added storage space and make use of those pesky corners.

2. End-cabinet shelving. Does the end of your cabinet or island jut uselessly out into the room? By building built-in shelving into the end of it, you can have a space to store small appliances or cookbooks for easy accesss.

3. Shallow roll-out drawers. These shallow drawers can be built above your deeper drawers, allowing you to easily find small utensils and kitchen gadgets that typically get swallowed up or jumbled in deep drawers.

4. Pull-out spice racks. These narrow racks pull directly out of the wall, keeping your spices upright, easy to find, and hidden.

5. Backsplash storage. If your backsplash is hanging empty, use it to hang large cooking utensils, pots or pans. Or, set up a magnetized knife strip; Let no wall go unused!

6. Built-in knife storage. This is one incredibly smart and safe way to store knives. Built-in, in-counter knife storage—which looks like a slit in the surface of your counter—allows you to line up your knives so that the blades are hidden and the handles protrude for easy grabbing.

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I hope you found the above information useful as current Bethesda home owner.  If you try any of these tips, make sure to let me know how it works out for you!

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