Countdown: 5 Tips for Moving Day in Bethesda, MD

moving dayNo matter how much you pack and prep, a big move is always a hassle. Below are five top moving tips for streamlining your process.

The month before:

Purge. Before you begin packing, purge, purge, purge. Purging before a move makes sense – the less you have, the less you have to pack. Use your move as an excuse to have a yard sale, make a few trips to the dump, and donate those old clothes or toys.

Master that pack list. Dumping everything in a box will only make matters confusing when it comes to unpacking. Instead, organize regions of your house by number (one for kitchen, two for bedrooms, three for garage, etc.) and then number the boxes accordingly. Color coding is also a great way to efficiently organize your move.

The day before:

Make your moving-day kit. Your move will get messy fast if you don’t take care of the essentials. Pack a moving-day kit to help you transition easier from your old place into your new. Toiletries, a change of clothes, coffee—whatever is a must-have for that first night in your new place.

Enlist extra help. Nothing makes moving easier—and more fun—than happy helping hands. Invite friends, family and neighbors over to help you move on the big day. Entice them with a build-your-own sandwich lunch or a few celebratory beers at the end.

The day of:

Be well rested. Nothing derails a big day faster than a scant night’s sleep. Before the big move, clock a solid eight hours of rest and have a big, healthy breakfast before you get things going.

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