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Should You Pre-Pay Your Mortgage?

Maybe you got a big pay bump at work, or a family member has gifted you a large chunk of change. Whatever the reason, you’re suddenly able to pre-pay your mortgage—this means paying it off before your allotted time is up (say, 30 years). Pre-Paying Can Save You Thousands of Dollars When you pre-pay your […]

4 Reasons to Become a Homeowner

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On the fence about buying a home? Other than the obvious idea that you finally own your space, there are many reasons to make the move to homeownership. Below are the top four. 1. Owning a Home is a Great Investment Owning a home is a fantastic long-term investment. Home values are constantly rising and […]

How to Think Like a Lender

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When you’re looking for the best rate on a home loan, it’s important to know what lenders are looking for. Read on to learn how to think like a lender. What Bethesda Mortgage Lenders are Looking For When doling out home loans, lenders are looking for telltale signs as to whether or not you will […]

Should You Get a 40-Year Mortgage?

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Obtaining a mortgage requires a good amount of research. How long should your mortgage be? What provider should you use? The questions can seem endless. If you’re considering a 40-year mortgage, read on for a bit of valuable insight. Benefits of a 40-Year Mortgage The main drawback of the 40-year mortgage is pretty obvious: 40 […]

What Kind of Homeowner’s Insurance is Right For You?

When you’re wading through the legalities of buying a home, the process can be daunting, especially if you’re a first time buyer. Interest rates, mortgages, and appraisals, oh my. Read on as we weigh in on what type of homeowner’s insurance is your best bet. Standard Homeowner’s Insurance For most buyers, a standard insurance policy […]