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How to Keep the Bugs Out of Your Home

Bugs Home

When it comes to pests, homeowners aren’t too keen on sharing their living spaces. Unfortunately, many of those same homeowners are skeptical and downright unwilling to continuously douse their homes in chemicals designed to keep those pests out. Fortunately, there are other things you can do to prevent infestations that are safe and non-toxic for […]

Renovating: Why you Should Call in the Professionals

Home Renovation Tips

Home renovations can range from minor to extensive, and if you are like most homeowners, you might think you can save a little money by doing some of those renovations yourself. Though there are many, many things that you could accomplish on your own, there are others that should be left to the professionals. Here […]

Why Investing in Real Estate is Important for Financial Growth

Investing in Real Estate

With the stock market experiencing increased volatility and more experts warning of an impending “Bear Market”, many people are considering real estate as a stable and reliable investment to balance their portfolios. A recent Bankrate survey concluded that 28% of respondents prefer real estate compared to 17% stocks when given the choice of long term […]

Most Expensive Homes That Sold in D.C. In 2017

Most Expensive Homes That Sold in D.C. In 2017

Many middle-class Americans wonder about how the wealthy one percent live their lives. One aspect daydreamers wonder about are the homes. How do they compare to the rest of us? While your fantasies may be outrageous, you may still be surprised to see just how much people are willing to spend on their family homes. […]