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Aging in Place: Remodeling for Elderly Homeowners

bethesda house with wide doorway, ideal in aging in place home

Remodeling your home always takes a good amount of forward thinking: Will that pool offer ROI? Will you still want that basement rec room when the kids leave for college? But when elderly homeowners prep for a remodel, even more consideration is needed as they prepare to age in place. Common Features in Aging-In-Place Remodels […]

How Exactly Does Refinancing Work?

Refinancing Home

If you’re a seasoned homeowner, you may have heard the term “refinancing” thrown around. But what exactly is refinancing, and is it right for you? Let’s explore the ins and outs. A Brief Explanation of Refinancing With a refinancing, you pay off an old loan on your home and take out a new one, usually […]

As Mortgage Rates Increase, Will Home Prices Decrease?

buyer looking at mortgage rates

With the recent increase in interest rates, many people assume that home prices will decrease. After all, if fewer people are able to purchase a house due to higher mortgage rates, then the demand for homes (and therefore the price) should decrease. But will this be the case? What Happened During Previous Rate Increases The last four […]