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Is a Biweekly Mortgage a Better Idea?

Bi Weekly Mortgage

When you think about the different types of mortgages, you probably think about the traditional 30-year versus 15-year options or maybe even the difference between fixed and adjustable rates. Recently, buyers have been showing more interest in the biweekly mortgage, which requires two smaller payments each month. Is this a better idea than a traditional […]

As Mortgage Rates Increase, Will Home Prices Decrease?

buyer looking at mortgage rates

As of December 8, mortgage rates have climbed to 4.13% for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. With the recent increase in interest rates, many people assume that home prices will decrease. After all, if fewer people are able to purchase a house due to higher mortgage rates, then the demand for homes (and therefore the price) should decrease. […]

Should You Pre-Pay Your Mortgage?

Maybe you got a big pay bump at work, or a family member has gifted you a large chunk of change. Whatever the reason, you’re suddenly able to pre-pay your mortgage—this means paying it off before your allotted time is up (say, 30 years). Pre-Paying Can Save You Thousands of Dollars When you pre-pay your […]

Can You Still Get a Loan with Minimal Documentation?

When it comes to getting a loan, there’s a laundry list of documents needed to be approved. From tax returns to credit statements, your lender needs complete access to your financial history. But it wasn’t always the case. Not too long ago, some lenders offered what are called “stated income loans.” More commonly referred to […]

4 Reasons to Become a Homeowner

buyers thinking of home features

On the fence about buying a home? Other than the obvious idea that you finally own your space, there are many reasons to make the move to homeownership. Below are the top four. 1. Owning a Home is a Great Investment Owning a home is a fantastic long-term investment. Home values are constantly rising and […]

How to Think Like a Lender

buyers discussing real estate information

When you’re looking for the best rate on a home loan, it’s important to know what lenders are looking for. Read on to learn how to think like a lender. What Bethesda Mortgage Lenders are Looking For When doling out home loans, lenders are looking for telltale signs as to whether or not you will […]