What Is a Mechanic’s Lien?

Mechanic’s Lien

The term “mechanic’s lien” is foreign to many homeowners, but it is a very important one that everyone should understand. If you are planning to renovate or remodel your home, or even if you are planning an addition, understanding and planning for a mechanic’s lien is a vital part of the process. What It Means […]

Planning on Building a Deck? Follow These Expert Tips

Building a Deck

There’s a good chance you already enjoy getting outside, grilling some food, and chatting with friends and neighbors. However, if your home doesn’t have an amazing deck, your entertainment space might be a little lackluster. Here are some excellent tips to follow for building a deck that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Choose […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Home in Spring

Home in Spring

If you’re like me, you’re always happy to see warm weather arrive so you can enjoy not only the inside of your home, but the outside too. You’ll get even more enjoyment if your house is in good repair, and you have taken measures to address the effects of severe winter weather. These are a […]