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Easy Home Updates This Fall

We all know that home renovations are a necessity. But tackling those renovations can often be a chore in itself. If you’re planning on making some updates soon, here are a few that are quite simple to do. You can easily do these over a weekend. Easy Fall Updates To Your DC Home Interior If […]

How To Pick The Right DC Metro Real Estate Lender

How-To: Pick the Right Lender For many borrowers, the challenge is not merely finding a lender. It’s sorting through the confusion of banks, brokers, online lenders, and more to find the right lender. With so many options, it can be confusing and challenging to find the best deal, or a company that you trust. Below are a […]

Technology to the Home Seller’s Advantage

In order to draw in the home buyers, it’s incredibly important to make your DC Metro home exceptional. Every home seller wants potential buyers to remember what their home has to offer. Although this requires some effort to stage your home, you may want to consider adding technology into the mix. Most home buyers will […]

A Look At Arlington, Virginia

For this week’s neighborhood spotlight, we’ve decided to focus on another northern Virginia locale. Arlington is located across from Washington, DC, bordering the Potomac River. The county is just north of Alexandria and intersected by I-66 and I-395. Known for its good schools and its easy access to entertainment and employment, Arlington has an incredible […]

Downtown DC Neighborhoods Show Growth, Vitality

As popular as the DC Metro suburbs are, the communities of Chevy Chase and Bethesda have plenty of competition from the up-and-coming neighborhoods of downtown DC! Here are some residential trends and insights from the Washington City Paper, with my own thoughts added in! Home Prices in the Greater DC Area Heading Higher According to […]

Get Ready for More Presidential Debates

After Wednesday’s first Presidential debate, there will be three more to follow. Below is the schedule, including when the debates will air and where you can watch them. You can even make a fun night of it by heading out to several DC metro area bars and restaurants that will be playing the debates. Presidential […]

Finding Quality Agents in the DC Market

Customer service is an integral part of the real estate business. As a member of the Top 5 Advisory Board, I know the importance of making sure my clients have a smooth experience, whether they are home buyers or home sellers. It’s important my clients get just what they want. Top 5 is an amazing network […]