Recent Crashes Near Chevy Chase Involving Business-Owned Vehicles

Though traffic accidents are inevitable, Chevy Chase usually doesn’t see many major crashes. However, a taxi ended up on the front steps of the Chevy Chase Pavilion on November 29, causing a three car accident resulting in traffic delays. Two other notable crashes involving service or business-owned vehicles also happened in the last few weeks in nearby counties.

How The Taxi Crash Happened

According to Chevy Chase Patch, the Barwood taxi went through a red light at Wisconsin and Western Avenue and struck a car that was legally proceeding through the intersection. The car then hit two other cars, while the taxi sped through the intersection. The taxi jumped the curb and crashed into the front steps of the Chevy Chase Pavilion. According to NBC one of the drivers was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Other Recent Accidents Outside of Chevy Chase

On November 22, a tow truck smashed through the front of a Beltsville auto parts store in Prince George’s County. The store was not open at the time, and the truck hit the building after being involved in an accident with another vehicle. The driver had minor injuries but no one was hurt.

Last Wednesday, a dump truck overturned after being struck by a car at the intersection of Brandywine and Baden Westwood in Prince George County. It does not appear that the driver of the dump truck was at fault. The driver and passenger of the car were taken to the hospital, but the driver of the dump truck was not injured.

Safety Concerns

Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported from these accidents, but the safety of both drivers and pedestrians remains amajor issue. With shorter days and the hectic nature of the holidays fast approaching, it’s important that drivers remain alert to prevent possible accidents.

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