Preparing Your Bethesda, DC, or Northern VA Home for Winter

As a Bethesda home buyer gearing up for the cold winter months ahead, winterizing your home is likely one of your top priorities this season. Just as many people prepare their vehicles with snow tires or a review from a mechanic, don’t underestimate the little steps you can take to prepare your valuable home for what’s expected to be a brutal winter.

Metro DC homeowners are well-versed in ways to adapt to winters that bear down on the region with cold temperatures. Regardless of your DC area neighborhood, preparing for winter is critical. Many homeowners own snow blowers or split walkway shoveling with neighbors, families outfit kids waiting at the bus stop with top of the line clothing gear, and store plants and equipment, such as lawnmowers, until next spring. Here are several tips you can take to prepare your home for the winter:

Tip #1: Adding Insulation to Your Bethesda, DC, or Northern VA Home

Even if there’s already insulation in the attic of your Northern Virginia home, check to see how much is in place. Adding additional insulation to get to 12 inches can make a dramatic difference in your ability to heat your home. Twelve inches is a sufficient amount to protect cold air from seeping in, trapping cold air without allowing to travel any further. Take an annual account of insulation and make notes as spring rolls around about improvements to make before the following winter. Regular maintenance and review can be critical for ensuring warmth. This kind of regular caretaking can reduce a lot of the headaches if and when you decide to sell your home.

Tip #2: Clean Gutters Before Winter Weather Hits

Clogged gutters cause enough problems in spring and summer, but don’t forget to clean them out one more time as the seasons change. Twigs and leaves can get clogged in an icy mess if you don’t empty out the gutters and rinse them before the first snowfall. A poorly cleaned gutter can even result in water leaks into the house, so a few minutes spent cleaning them can result in reduced interior damage.

Tip #3: Wrap Pipes and Water Heaters

Thinking about insulation often leads to conversations only about attics, but it’s just as important to protect your pipes and water heater. These smaller projects are easier to complete and can be beneficial throughout the season for your family. They are often “DIY” projects that can be completed with a little guidance from a home improvement store or the Internet.

Your dream home is one of your most important investments. As you decorate and prepare for the holiday season, don’t forget to evaluate your current winter preparedness both on the interior and exterior. A little work goes a long way.

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