Chevy Chase Neighborhood Issues

Want to know what’s happening around your Chevy Chase home? According to the Rollingwood Citizens Association, there have been two main issues affecting Chevy Chase residents. Read on to see what’s going on near your neighborhood.

What’s Going on With Chevy Chase Lake Redevelopment?

  • What: A redevelopment plan has been proposed for the Chevy Chase Lake area that would involve over 2 million square feet to be converted for residential and commercial purposes. Approximately 1,300 residences would be created through this proposal.
  • When: To learn more about the plan, there will be a public hearing on March 5. As of now, development has been proposed to start when the Purple Line is funded.
  • Why: According to the Montgomery Planning Board, the redevelopment would give residents around the Chevy Chase Lake Town Center “new opportunities for local shopping, housing, public spaces, and transit.”

Deer Culling in Chevy Chase

  • What: Police sharpshooters have been assigned to cull the high numbers of deer in Rock Creek Stream Valley Park. The sharpshooters will put down the animals as humanely as possible. In addition, deer that have been culled will be donated to soup kitchens.
  • When: Culling will take place from 5:30 p.m. to sunrise, until March 31.
  • Why: Deer overpopulation has had a negative effect on the area for both animals and humans. The current population is more than triple what it should be, which puts a strain on natural resources. Dwindling resources can lead to more sickly deer, which can increase the rate of communicable diseases that affect people, like Lyme disease. Car accidents involving deer have also been a major safety concern for Chevy Chase residents.

Happenings in Your Chevy Chase Neighborhood

Know of an issue or event happening near your Chevy Chase home? Feel free to share with us. We’d love to get in touch with you!