Heralds of Spring in Chevy Chase

daffodils3 [1600x1200]There is no Daffodfil Festival in the Washington area, but perhaps there should be.

The daffodils are the first, reliable blossoms of spring.  The more celebrated cherry blossoms are finicky beauties. Their debut fluctuates with the weather each year, and guessing when their blooms will peak vexes the National Park Service each Spring. And yet they get all the acclaim. Daffodils get no glory.

daffodils1 [1600x1200]Daffodfils bloom like clockwork each March. It doesnt seem to matter if, as in 2013, the early Spring temperatures are more suitable for February. They don’t mind cold, wind, or even snow. Once they’re in bloom, they stay for a while.

In Chevy Chase, they add appeal to countless homes. Some blossom in seemingly random clusters, like the ones above on East Oxford Street in Chevy Chase Village. Other are planted more formally, like the ones at left, framing a walk on East Melrose Street.