Four Critical Tests that Every Chevy Chase Home Should Pass

ChecklistRegardless of whether you’re searching for your next Chevy Chase home on the market or you’re preparing to sell the current home you own, you would be wise to ensure that the home in question is passing at least four tests at all times.

These tests – the Carbon Monoxide, Radon, Septic and Water Quality Tests – are critical to ensuring that the home is in top condition.

Let’s Look at These Tests a Little Deeper

First let’s talk about how to give your home the carbon monoxide test. This test will check for signs to see whether carbon monoxide has infiltrated your home.

Some of the biggest culprits for releasing this dangerous gas in your home include fireplaces, wood/coal/gas stoves and heaters. Regardless of whether you have a carbon monoxide detector installed, it’s important to check on this every now and then.

Next, let’s look at the amount of radon in your home. This substance typically enters your home through cracks in the floor or the foundation. It’s also possible that it can sneak in to your house through your water supply.

Third, we’ll want to give your home the septic test. After all, if you don’t address your septic issue early on, you could end up with a serious mess on your hands down the road. Typical septic tests will use visual dyes to check for signs of back-up, leakage and slow-drainage.

Finally, make sure to check your water quality. It’s imperative that you not just assume your tap is safe for drinking. Some water tests you might try will access the water quality in your home and outline possible contaminants it finds. Some of these contaminants may include E. Coli, Legionella and others.

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We hope you found the above information insightful. As we said, regardless of whether you’re trying to buy or sell a Chevy Chase home or simply stay put, it’s important to give your home these tests.

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