5 Ways to Get Your Chevy Chase Home Fall-Ready

Chevy Chase home fallCrisp air. Pumpkin spice-flavored drinks everywhere you go. Changing leaves. Yep, fall is officially upon us!

Now that the season has changed, you might want to turn your attention to your home. After all, the changing of the season is always a call to action for home owners that they may want to look at fine-turning their home.

Today, I’m going to provide you with five tips on how you can make sure your Chevy Chase home is fall ready!

Prepare Your Washington DC Area Home for Fall

Here are five simple ways that you can make your home fall-ready:

Check out your furnace. There are few things that are worse than an out-of-order furnace in the dead of winter. So turn it on to ensure that it’s working properly. You may also consider contacting a professional to have it cleaned.

Update your windows. Change out your regular screens for storm windows. This will not only add extra protection to your home, but also extra warmth on those chilly fall nights.

Clean out your gutters. A lot of debris can become lodged there during the spring and summer. So give your gutters a good cleaning before you head into fall and winter. After all, these colder seasons are the times of year when debris can cause the most problems.

Reverse your fan. A lot of people aren’t even aware that they can do this. But by switching the direction your fan runs, you can actually push warm air down in your home, ultimately saving you on energy bills and helping you stay comfortable.

Search for leaks. Walk the perimeter of your home and inspect the basement, making sure to keep an eye out for obvious leaks. Not only can leaks and cracks allow destructive moisture in the home, but they also allow space for critters to come in as well.

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