5 Bethesda Area Home Upgrades Under $100

luxury homeLooking to give your Bethesda home an upgrade but lacking a big budget? There are tons of small home tweaks all packing serious redesign punch.

We guarantee that if you take some of these tips to heart, your home will get a major aesthetic boost – without breaking your bank!

Here Are Five Home Upgrades For Under $100

Paint. Painting has long been the budget designer’s best friend, as a coat of paint can make a room feel fresh and new, and leaves ample room for creativity. You can completely recolor the whole room, or add an extra accent pop on one wall.

Get new drapery. New curtains for the living room or bedroom can offer an interesting new look with minimal effort and cost. Go seasonal with colors–think yellow for spring and bright blue for summer–or simply swap to a heavier fabric once winter arrives.

Lighting upgrade. Install new lighting in a previously drab room to give it an immediate visual upgrade. Bathrooms are often in need of a lighting upgrade, but another frequent offender is the front entryway, where guests view your home for the first time.

Replace hardware. Replacing the hardware on your cabinets is an easy way to give your kitchen a bit of bedazzling without breaking the bank.

Create a door shelf. Adding a shelf above a door way not only creates more storage room, but is an elegant place to display photos or books. Simply add a wooden shelf above your door and then paint it to match the door’s trim.

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