Chevy Chase MD

Families are Flocking to Chevy Chase, MD to Purchase Their Next Home– Here’s Why!

Families in Maryland or interested in moving to Maryland have recently taking interest in the Chevy Chase area. Chevy Chase is an unincorporated community near Washington D.C. It is considered to be one of the top 10 places to live in Maryland for its effective education system and low crime rate.

Small Town Feel – Big Charm!

According to, “The Town of Chevy Chase is a self-governing municipality located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The incorporated boundaries of the Town extend to East-West Highway on the north, Connecticut Avenue on the east, Bradley Lane on the south and one block east of Wisconsin Avenue on the west. Today, there are 1,032 homes and approximately 3,000 residents in the Town.”

Families who choose to move to Chevy Chase want to be part of a small community of people. This community of people care about their neighborhoods

Residents of Chevy Chase are actively involved in town maintenance and policy, keeping streets clean and safe. Homes in this area are at a high value with beautiful architecture and recent builds and renovations.

Streets are repaired and maintained on a yearly basis, and it is easy for residents to make requests to local government about safety hazards and power outages. According to the site, “Residents may request a new streetlight to be installed on an existing utility pole…” Safety is a top priority, so you know you and your family will be safe in this area.

The Estridge Group & Chevy Chase

At The Estridge Group, we offer properties in Chevy Chase, Chevy Chase Commons, Chevy Chase Park, and Chevy Chase Village. It all depends on what kind of property and location you are looking for.

Additionally, because of the convenient proximity to Washington D.C., the Chevy Chase area is popular among politicians, lawyers, and other individuals who are interested in being next door to Capitol Hill. If you work in government or law, Chevy Chase would give you access to the resources you need to succeed!

Community Resources

Chevy Chase offers a variety of community resources to residents. They pride themselves in the Chevy Chase at Home program which is a volunteer organization that keeps senior citizens involved in the community. Other resources like two accessible public libraries and public transportation make Chevy Chase an ideal community to live in.

If you’re worried about commuting and transportation, the Washington Metro and Montgomery County buses all reach Chevy Chase. You can have an easy journey to the city in no time!

Want to learn more about Chevy Chase and why it could be the perfect location for you and your family? Contact us over the phone or online for a consultation with one of our experienced real estate agents. We will consider your necessities, budget, and our list of open houses to match you with the perfect property!