Sean Spicer’s Apartment

You Can Now Rent Sean Spicer’s Apartment in Alexandria

Sean Spicer is yet another wealthy politician with direct ties to the White House who has placed his apartment up for rent in the greater Alexandria area. He follows in the footsteps of both Michael Flynn, and Mercedes Schlapp.

Spicer was the White House press secretary under the current president, Donald Trump, in 2017. He also acted as communications director for the white house. Prior to his most recent role, Sean Spicer served the Republican National Committee as their communications director between 2011 and 2017, and as the committee’s chief strategist from 2015 to 2017.

Lately it seems Spicer and his wife have taken a sizable portion of their time and invested quite a bit of money into the real estate market. The couple own four different rentals in addition to this most recent, which are estimated to bring in as much as $165,000 in income each year.

The largest of these rentals is a four-bedroom home located in Alexandria’s Beverly Hills district. The home is estimated to be worth about $756,000. Other rentals into a home in the northeast section of Alexandria worth $170,000, a $214,000 condo in Arlington, and a one-bedroom condo estimated to be worth $132,000.

The Rental

The current apartment, previously occupied by Sean Spicer himself, is a two-bedroom home located in the northeast section of Alexandria estimated to be worth $469,500. The two-story condo offers 864 square feet of living space on a 1,608 square foot lot.

It is listed for $2,550 a month, which will bring in a considerable amount of additional rental income for the Spicer family.

The rental home features several amenities that make it worth looking over for any prospective renters in Alexandria. The most attractive features include the updated kitchen and fenced in backyard. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary equipment, including a dishwasher and various other upgrades. The backyards fence is a high wooden privacy fence which features a stone walkway.

There are hardwood floors throughout most of the home, with tile being prominently featured in both the kitchen and bathroom. The windows are large enough to let in ample sunlight when the weather allows, which could save potential renters money on their utilities.

The bathroom, although not exceptionally large or lavish, is a bright white that appears clean and crisp. There is gorgeous tiling in the shower, laid out in a large blocked design.

According to major rental sites, the type of cooling featured in the condo is unknown. There is, however, a radiator heating unit located in the main room to provide heat during the frigid winter months.