Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance Tips You Should Be Thinking About Now

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the desire to clean, renovate, and breathe new life into your home. If you have the desire to spruce things up, but you are not really sure where to start, the following tips and advice are perfect for you. Remember that while all the following projects may be DIY for some, there are professionals out there who can help if you do not have the time or the ability to get them done.

Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s exterior can get quite dirty throughout the year. Pollen, dust, and even mold or mildew can find their way into the porous surfaces of your home’s exterior and make it look less than appealing. You should always follow the guidelines for cleaning your home’s exterior based on the material. If you have a brick home, then the cleaning methods will be far different from those recommended for cedar shake or a log cabin. If you are unsure of the cleaning procedures, ask a local contractor what they recommend. Some surfaces take well to pressure washing, but others do not. Don’t forget your patios, decks, walkways, and driveways, too. This tip is HUGE if you’re planning on selling your home. You would try to sell your car if it was covered in mud would you?

Unclog the Gutters

You should always clean your gutters at least once a year, and if you live in an area where there are several trees nearby, you might want to clean them more often. Spring is the perfect time to remove leaves, animal nests, twigs, pine needles, and other potentially damaging materials from your gutters. Remember that gutter clogs do much more than cause water to overflow in inconvenient areas; over time, this water can penetrate your roof and cause a leak, or even worse, penetrate the ground and cause damage to your home’s foundation. If you do not feel comfortable climbing a latter to tackle this chore, there are plenty of landscaping companies and contractors that can help you.

Plant Your Garden

Many of the most popular plants in the area must be in the ground before mid-spring, so be sure to decide what kind of plants you want in your garden and create a plan of attack. Write down the name of the plant and the ideal planting time for your zone, start preparing your beds or plots, and if you are in doubt, contact a professional gardener or landscaper who can provide you with their advice or services. Whether you prefer pretty flowers or edible fruits and vegetables, now is the time to start getting things ready.

Clean Your Windows

Dirty windows can make both the interior and exterior of your home less attractive. What’s more, grime on the windows can stop precious sunlight from entering your home and taking some of the pressure off your heating system. A sunny spring day is the perfect time to get outside with some cleaning supplies and restore that sparkle. If your screens are grimy, just pop them out and spray them (gently) with a hose. This should loosen dirt and debris and make them look like new.

Update Your Home’s Interior

While you probably won’t want to take on a huge renovation, there are some simple things you can do to make the inside of your home look like new. Updating the accents is by far the best option, and there are lots of things you can consider. Lamps and lampshades, throw pillows, curtains, throw blankets, and even wall art can all breathe new life into every room of your house.

Winter is finally over and the temperatures outside are starting to get warmer. In fact, you can probably watch the trees, flowers, and entire landscape transform. If you want to do the same for your home and get out of your winter rut, try some of these maintenance and updating tips today especially if you’re planning on selling your home.