How Melinda Estridge Inspires Others who are Frustrated Selling Property

Melinda EstridgeAfter a recent podcast featuring our fearless leader, Melinda Estridge, we received this amazing response from someone trying to have a family members home sold.

I listened to a podcast featuring Melinda Estridge-my Dad is trying to sell his house in OR and I am less than impressed with his agent & the pitiful listing she created. I know it sounds very pretentious of me given that I’m not a real estate agent, but I am going to attempt to write a proper property description for her and so was researching successful real estate companies to get an idea of how it should be done.
I was so thoroughly impressed with Melinda’s expertise and advice that I went to your website to look through some listings. It was extremely helpful-wish you guys operated in my Dad’s area!
Thanks again for the follow-up.
We are flattered to say the least.