Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Thinking about Painting Your Home’s Exterior? Try these Expert Tips

Many homeowners are curious about their ability to paint their home’s exterior. Should they hire contractors to do the job, or is it something they can do on their own? Fortunately, if you can spare a few weekends, some basic tools, and a friend or two to help, there is no reason why it cannot be a DIY job. Here are some tips for getting a professional look when you paint your home’s exterior yourself.

Get Ready to Paint

Before you just dive right in with a roller or a paintbrush, it’s important that you take the time to do a little inspecting and cleaning. These things will prepare your home for the primer and paint, ensuring a better finish. Look all around your house looking for signs of chipping or peeling paint, mold, mildew, or other forms of damage. Remove loose paint and use a bleach and water mixture in your garden sprayer to remove mold and mildew. Then, using a pressure washer, remove dirt and debris from the entirety of your home’s exterior. This helps to provide the optimal surface for paint to adhere to.

Patch, Sand, and Prime

Next, look around for places that may need a little extra attention, such as cracks or holes in your home’s exterior. Sand down any rough spots that might exist and use a good exterior caulk to fill in any holes. Wait for the caulk to dry, then sand out any bumps or grooves. Before you can paint, you will need to apply primer to your home. This creates a sealed, even surface for your paint. For the best results, choose an exterior primer that is the same brand as your chosen paint, apply a single coat to your entire home, and let it dry completely. Check the label for the ideal cure time.  

Paint and Paint Again

After all the repairs have been made and the primer has cured completely, it is time to apply the first coat of paint. Make sure you use a high-quality exterior paint and be sure you have at least tested the color so you are positive you will like the results. For a smooth, even finish, you will need two people to perform the paint job. Use the spray and back roll method, which involves one person spraying the paint onto the home and the other rolling it out for an even coat. Then, let this dry completely, and repeat the process a second time for the best possible coverage and longest-lasting finish.

Check the Details

Now that you have finished the main part of the house, you will need to grab some paintbrushes and work on the small details. Things like trim, window frames, fascia, molding, and more will likely need to be refreshed, as well. Make sure you have a very steady hand and a small brush for the tight areas, too. Once you have finished this, step back and look all around your home’s exterior for any areas you may have missed, runs, or other potential issues.

Painting your home’s exterior might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With some patience, a little help, and the right tools for the job, most homeowners can do it on their own without much trouble. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable painting your multi-story home, it is always a better idea to call in a professional for help.