Home Stairs

Do Your Stairs Make You Cringe? Here’s How to Make Them Appealing

The act of walking upstairs to bed at night or coming downstairs in the morning in your bathrobe and slippers for coffee is familiar to millions of families. Sometimes, those familiar stairs may need a bit of an overhaul to keep up with your latest design. Whether your staircase is boring, outdated, or in desperate need of new life, check out the tips below for some excellent ideas you can paint yourself.

A Painted Runner

Runners are excellent choices for stairs since they allow you to tie them in with your other decor, but carpeted runners are difficult to self-install and can be a pain to clean. A painted runner may be a better idea, especially if your stairs are a high-traffic area. Just paint a wide stripe down the middle of each step and down onto the riser to create a gorgeous runner look without all the hassle of maintenance.

Add Some Pinstripes

If you’re more interested in creating an elegant, unique look, and if you have a steady hand as well as some stencils, the pinstripe look is a great option for you. Just measure, lay out your stencils, and create pinstripes on each stair that subtly reflect the colors in your decor. Though this option may take a little more concentration and effort, the end result is worth it – especially if you’re trying to create a hint of contrast.

Try The Ombre Effect

This effect involves starting with a darker color at the top of the staircase and slowly transitioning into a lighter color toward the bottom (or vice-versa). You can do this with any number of neutral colors, including browns, grays, off-whites, and more. You might also elect to start with a bold, bright color like turquoise or even lime green, then add a bit more paint to each step as you work your way up or down, finally transitioning to white. Either way, it’s a stunning one-of-a-kind look that is sure to please.

Bold Stairs for Neutral Decor

If you prefer to keep much of your design neutral with a few pops of bright, bold color in your wall art, throw pillows, and knick-knacks, you might consider painting your stairs in that bold accent color, too. This will undoubtedly make your staircase the statement piece in your home, so be sure this will work with your home’s architecture and design. Done correctly, it can help draw the eye in just the right way to make a room look larger.

Stairs can be found in millions upon millions of homes across the country, including older plantation-style homes built in the 1700s as well as inside some of today’s most modern homes. If you want to breathe new life into your home by making your stairs a statement piece, or even if you’re just ready for a more modern and updated look, the tips above are excellent ways to completely rehab your stairs using little more than some paint and creativity.