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Having an Open House? 6 Tips for Cleaner Windows

Though experts say you should clean your windows at least twice each year, it’s just as important to ensure sparkling clean windows if you’re having an open house, too. Below, you’ll discover six tips for getting cleaner windows that help your home look amazing both inside and out.

#1 – Try Newspaper

If you’re one of the millions of people reaching for paper towels or microfiber cloths to clean your windows, you’re certainly not alone, but newspaper can often do a much better job. Though newspapers aren’t as absorbent as other options, the inks used to print them will help create a streak-free shine that is difficult to duplicate any other way. For even more shine, spray your windows with a vinegar solution, then wipe clean with the newspaper.

#2 – Dry with Microfiber

Even though newspaper works better at creating that coveted streak-free shine than a microfiber cloth, be sure to keep that cloth in your window cleaning kit. After you’ve scrubbed your windows both inside and out, you can use the microfiber to buff and polish the windows. This way, you can prevent water spots from leftover cleaning solution and buff out any streaks that may have occurred.

#3 – Pick the Right Time of Day

Believe it or not, there truly is a right time of the day to clean your windows. You’ll want to avoid doing this chore during the heat of the day since the cleaning solution you use – ammonia-based glass cleaner, vinegar, or something else entirely – will evaporate very quickly in the sun and leave streaks behind. Clean your windows in the early morning or pre-dusk hours for the best possible results.

#4 – Make Your Own Window Cleaner

If you’re concerned about using harsh chemicals, you want to save money on cleaning supplies, or you simply want the best possible clean, experts have come up with an excellent recipe that costs just pennies. To make it, put the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of cornstarch, a half cup of plain white vinegar, and a cup of water into a clean spray bottle and shake it well. It may look cloudy and chalky on your windows, but it will leave an immaculate streak-free shine once cleaned – especially if you use newspaper.

#5 – Use Rain Repellents Extend the Time between Cleanings

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending an entire evening scrubbing your windows only to find them covered in water spots again after the next squall. To combat this, you can find products containing rain repellents that cause drops to bead up and run right off before they can dry and leave spots. These are especially important during wet seasons like spring and winter.

#6 – Don’t Forget the Screens

It’s easy to completely overlook your screens when you clean your windows, but believe it or not, screens can be magnets for dust and debris. Take your screens out of each window to start, then use a vacuum attachment with a soft brush to gently loosen and remove most of the dirt and debris. Then, mix a quarter-cup of your favorite all-purpose cleaner (Lysol, Pine-Sol, Mr. Clean, or others) in a half gallon of water, dip a sponge or microfiber cloth into the mix, and wash your screens gently from top to bottom. Rinse the screens thoroughly, use a dry towel to absorb the extra water, then prop them in a sunny location to dry before reinstalling.

Though window washing is no one’s favorite household task, ensuring they are clean is vital to the success of your open house. The six tips above will help you clean your dingy, dusty, or water spot covered windows, leaving them looking as good as new.