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5 Inexpensive Home Updates to Consider in 2019

With the New Year’s celebration behind us and the rest of 2019 ahead, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of ways to update your home. Even if a home renovation or remodeling project is not in the cards for you this year, there are several budget-friendly ways to transform your home. Here are five of the best and most inexpensive home updates for you to consider throughout the year.

#1 – Rearrange Your Art and Décor

If you just want a space to look and feel a bit different, one of the best ways to do this is by rearranging the artwork and décor in the room. You might decide to take down the photos along one wall and hang them in a different order or pattern, or you might even choose to take down all the art in a room and change its location completely. You can also try moving knick-knacks, lamps, pillows, throws, and other décor around to breathe some new life into your favorite spaces.

#2 – Replace Fixtures and Hardware

Sometimes something as simple as replacing the hardware (hinges, drawer pulls, and handles) with something completely different will give your room a new feel. If you have painted white hardware on white cabinetry, for example, consider switching it out for stainless steel, brushed nickel, or even copper to give it a brand-new look. Consider switching out your old faucets for your bathrooms, too. Even the simplest, subtlest change can refresh a room.

#3 – Give Rooms a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the best ways to make a room look and feel differently on a budget involves painting it. You might choose to stick to the same colors, or you may choose to try something different; either way, a fresh coat of paint will make things feel much more alive. If you prefer neutral white or beige walls, consider adding a pop of color with some pinstripes. On the other hand, if you want a major change, you can create a focus wall by painting one wall in any room a solid, bold color like yellow, red, or even black.

#4 – Apply Some New Caulk

Caulk is one of those things that doesn’t last forever, and when it starts to look ragged, it can make a whole room look disheveled. Fortunately, caulk (and the caulk guns used to apply it) is relatively inexpensive, and even a beginner can apply it and make it look nice. Look around your bathtub, kitchen sink, and shower for areas where the caulk may be starting to peel, crack, or yellow, then remove it and replace it with new caulk. Be sure you buy the right formula for the right area to really make it last.

#5 – Change Towels, Bedding, and/or Window Treatments

If you’re trying to think of a way to freshen up your bedroom that doesn’t involve a new coat of paint or a complete renovation, consider splurging a little on a new bedding set and some matching window treatments. For just a couple hundred dollars to start, you can create a completely new color scheme that complements your mood and personality. Lighter colors will make your room look bigger, and while darker colors can make it appear smaller, they do offer more personality.

These are all outstanding options for updating your home in 2019. They will fit virtually any budget, require very little elbow grease, and talk little to no time at all to complete, but the end result is sure to put a smile on your face and make you fall in love with your home a little more each day.

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