outdoor living area

How to Create an Amazing Outdoor Living Space Sure to Attract Buyers

Outdoor living spaces are growing more popular all the time, and more buyers than ever before are putting them on their list of “must-haves”. Creating such a space can not only attract these buyers, but it can also add a great deal of value to your home. Here are some helpful tips for creating a beautiful outdoor living space that will attract potential buyers. 

Focus on a Single Part of Your Yard

When it comes to creating a living space outside, you might be tempted to focus on two or even three different areas all at once. Projects like this can quickly become overwhelming, not to mention costly. The best way to go about creating the most functional and beautiful space is to focus on only one area, whether that area is your back patio, your side yard, or even your garden. Choose the one that will provide the best functionality and view, then focus your efforts there. Don’t forget about the landscaping around the area, too; this can help you make your new space a focal point. 

Make an Outdoor Kitchen Fully Functional

Outdoor kitchens are by far the most popular of all the outdoor living spaces, but if you choose to go this route, make sure you make it fully functional. Options include: 

  • A cooking area. A nice, large grill complete with areas for cooking side dishes and keeping prepared foods warm is ideal. 
  • Access to water. Though you don’t have to go all out with a full wet bar, a sink is always appreciated. This makes cleanup easy and gives everyone a great place to wash their hands without having to go inside. 
  • Comfortable (and plentiful) seating. Consider a patio table with at least four chairs and perhaps a couple padded benches. There should be enough room for eight to 10 people to sit and eat comfortably. 
  • A refrigerator. Keeping drinks cool and accessible is an absolute must. If a refrigerator is not an option, a built-in ice chest is an affordable yet still functional alternative. 
  • Shade. Finally, be sure to choose a location that offers plenty of shade, especially in the afternoon hours during the heat of the day. If this is impossible, you might want to install a retractable awning, a canopy, or at the very least umbrellas for patio tables. 

Don’t Forget the Firepit or Fireplace

A firepit or fireplace for keeping warm during the winter is just as important as shade in the summer. Consider the size of the firepit or fireplace as compared to the size of the space you want to heat very carefully and be sure that you place it safely away from your home, trees, and other flammable objects. Either option will allow the next homeowners to enjoy their beautiful space all year round. 

Outdoor living spaces not only allow homeowners to enjoy nature without leaving home, but they provide even more functional space for all their favorite activities, whether that includes barbecuing for guests, walking through the garden, or sitting among the beautiful blooms in the shade to read the hottest new novel. It’s a surefire way to make your home more attractive, and it will almost certainly add some property value, as well.