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How Exactly Does Refinancing Work?

Refinancing Home

If you’re a seasoned homeowner, you may have heard the term “refinancing” thrown around. But what exactly is refinancing, and is it right for you? Let’s explore the ins and outs. A Brief Explanation of Refinancing With a refinancing, you pay off an old loan on your home and take out a new one, usually […]

Should You Get a 40-Year Mortgage?

Home Mortgage Applications

Obtaining a mortgage requires a good amount of research. How long should your mortgage be? What provider should you use? The questions can seem endless. If you’re considering a 40-year mortgage, read on for a bit of valuable insight. Benefits of a 40-Year Mortgage The main drawback of the 40-year mortgage is pretty obvious: 40 […]

Helpful Tips For The Mortgage Application

Applying for a mortgage isn’t the easiest task to accomplish. It is a lengthy process that is both involving and time consuming. Take a look at some tips listed below that can help you through the mortgage process. Mortgage Tips For Chevy Chase, MD Homebuyers Have Your Credit Checked In Advance: This is often considered […]

Learning About Mortgage Credit Certificates

Have you been thinking about buying real estate in Chevy Chase, MD? It’s a good time to buy now, especially since mortgage rates are quite favorable. But if you have had trouble getting a home loan, you might want to consider trying to get a mortgage credit certificate. An Overview On Mortgage Credit Certificates Also referred […]

George Mason Mortgage now offering 100% Financing

The Estridge Group is excited to announce that George Mason Mortgage, LLC is once again offering 100% financing! Be sure to share this great deal with your friends and family interested in purchasing their dream Washington, DC home. This offer is open to all neighborhoods in the district and requires zero money down from the […]

3 Reasons Why Home Buyers in Chevy Chase Should Buy Now!

If you’ve been waiting to buy your first Chevy Chase home, you shouldn’t wait much longer! There are several indications that home buying will become more expensive in the near future, even as home inventories improve. Here are some facts to consider! #1: Home Prices Rising Faster Than Expected A nationwide panel of 118 economists, […]