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Market-Fresh Food in Chevy Chase

Late summer is one of the best times of year to buy locally produced foods in Chevy Chase. One of the most popular of the farmers’ markets is held on Saturday mornings at Lafayette School on Broad Branch Road, NW, in Chevy Chase, D.C. The main attraction at the Lafayette market is doubtless the fresh […]

Last Call for Pollen in Chevy Chase

The life span of a honey bee is a short one, and it’s the older bees who draw the job of finding pollen and bringing it back to the hive. In Chevy Chase, there are lots of pollen sources, but their life span is limited, too. In another few weeks, the blossoms will be largely […]

The Toys of Summer in Chevy Chase

Kids in Chevy Chase suffer no shortage of elaborate, electronic toys. But sometimes the best toy on a summer afternoon is a simple, classic red wagon, provided you have an energetic big sister to pull it. These kids are on Raymond Street in the Martin’s Additions community. Photo © Bob Cullen

A Cool Porch on a Hot Day in Chevy Chase

There was a time, back before air conditioning, when a shady porch and a swing were the best way to cool off. The porch kept the sun at bay and the swing created a little breeze as it rocked slowly back and forth. Many homes in Chevy Chase still have them. And they still work. […]

Lessons for Chevy Chase Tennis Players

It’s a good time of year to be a Chevy Chase tennis player. The Citi Open is underway just a couple of miles over the District line in Rock Creek Park. Some of the top men and women in the world are playing and it’s an opportunity to watch how the pros do it. In […]

Adirondack Chair Season in Chevy Chase

It may be named after the mountains in upstate New York, but the Adirondack chair has always been the unofficial summer chair of Chevy Chase. Anyone who has walked up the 9th fairway at the Chevy Chase Club will remember the row of white chairs sitting beyond the green, in front of the clubhouse. There […]