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The Smithsonian carousel was built in the 1940’s by Allan Hershell Company. Before arriving at the National Mall in Washington, DC, the attraction was at Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Woodlawn, MD. As with many amusement parks at the time, it was designated for whites only. In 1955, black protesters arrived at the park, but […]

Moving On After A Foreclosure

We understand how difficult it can be to go through a foreclosure. It might seem like the prospect of owning another home is out of the question if you have recently lost your DC-area home to foreclosure. However, you shouldn’t completely rule out future homeownership. The following steps can bring you closer to your goal […]

Remodel Your DC Home Efficiently

Are you planning on updating your Washington, DC Metro-area home? Adding on a new addition can take a lot of time – and money, too. To save on money, you might want to consider space reconfiguration. What Is Space Reconfiguration? This is the idea of using extra space from a nearby room or converting underutilized […]

Keeping Up With Home Improvements

If you’ve recently bought a home in the Washington, DC area, congratulations! Owning your own home is a great feeling and a big commitment. There will always be the ongoing process of maintenance, as well as renovations to help increase value. If you’ve recently moved or you’ve been in your home for several decades, it’s […]

Great Tips For Washington, DC Home Sellers

If you’re selling your Washington, DC-area home, you’re no doubt happy that the real estate market is doing much better than it has in the past. With more homebuyers appearing, you could get multiple offers on your DC home! Whether you’re choosing a buyer, or currently in the throes of negotiating a price for your […]

Mortgage Application Advice For DC Homebuyers

Applying for a mortgage can often be a difficult thing to accomplish. It is a lengthy process that is quite time consuming. Take a look at some tips listed below that can help you in the mortgage process. Mortgage Tips For Washington, DC Homebuyers Always Get Your Credit Checked: This is often considered the first […]

Easy Home Updates This Fall

We all know that home renovations are a necessity. But tackling those renovations can often be a chore in itself. If you’re planning on making some updates soon, here are a few that are quite simple to do. You can easily do these over a weekend. Easy Fall Updates To Your DC Home Interior If […]