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Baby Boomers Setting New Trend on National and Chevy Chase Real Estate Markets: All Cash Deals

There’s no denying it: The Baby Boomer generation is guaranteed to have a profound effect on home selling and home buying efforts on the Chevy Chase real estate market – as well as the national housing market.

Because of the sheer size of this group, any real estate strategy they employ will have a trickle down effect on others navigating the market.

That’s why it’s so important to stay informed!

4 Amenities That Will Make Chevy Chase Home Buyers Swoon

Are you currently contemplating listing your Chevy Chase home on the local housing market? Congratulations! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog lately, you know that now is an excellent time to get the price you want for your property. Demand for local homes just keeps growing and growing!

However, there are certainly some homes that are more desirable than others. If your home has any one of the below mentioned amenities, you can feel confident your home’s going to get plenty of attention from home buyers.

Report: US Housing Market (including Chevy Chase) Needs More Available Homes for Sale

The kind of trends we’re seeing on the national housing market are being echoed right here on the Chevy Chase, MD real estate market. That’s why it’s paramount to always keep an eye on national real estate trends.

If you’re currently considering buying or selling your home on the Chevy Chase real estate market, please take a moment to contact us at The Estridge Group. We would be happy to help you at every stage of the process to ensure a successful outcome for you and your family.