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House I

House 1 is a sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein and is displayed at the National Sculpture Garden is NW, DC.   The sculpture is an optical illusion. If you walk around the arc of the sidewalk in front of the sculpture the house will look like it is spinning, reminiscent of the classic “Wizard of Oz” House.

Au Naturale: Organic Home Insulation Options for your Bethesda Property

Although there are many different options for home insulation, the more traditional standards tend to be fiberglass, polystyrene and rock wool. These synthetic materials, however, often contain harsh, irritating chemicals. And many home owners might not be aware of this but there are better options available. As eco sensitivity grows, more and more consumers are choosing […]

Tower of Books

An exhibit at the Peterson House in NW, DC, displays all of the books ever written about Abraham Lincoln. The Peterson House was the final resting place for the former President, after he was shot, across the street and Ford’s Theatre, on April 14, 1865. The house is open to the public daily from9:30 am […]