Old to New: How to Revive Your Chevy Chase Home’s Deck

RS3023_iStock_000017661683MediumWith the weather warming across the country, homeowners are already dreaming of slow summer days lounging on the deck and enjoying backyard barbecues. However, many emerged from winter’s hibernation to realize their deck isn’t looking as fresh as it used to. Below are a handful of tips for revitalizing your deck without breaking the bank.

Inspect and repair. The first step for revitalizing your deck is checking for any needed repairs. Scrutinize wood for rot, paying special attention to where wood attaches to the ground—where moisture often invades—and where it connects to the house. Examine and tighten any fasteners, check for bent or rusted hardware, and replace accordingly.

Refinish it. To get that new-deck glow back, consider stripping the finish on your deck and giving it a fresh gloss. Ideally, you should be cleaning and resealing the deck every year to battle weather-related damage and keep the decking in the best condition possible.

Replace the railings. Railings tend to show damage faster than other areas of the deck, and may need replacing. If you’re tired of dealing with annual railing maintenance, consider replacing wood with a no-maintenance option, like Fiberon, a vinyl-coated, wood-plastic composite.

Upgrade the lighting. Once your actual deck is looking tip-top, consider upgrading your lighting situation to show it off regardless of the time of day. Not only do well-placed lights look more attractive, they’re also safer. There are a variety of fixtures suited for stair risers, railings and posts, all of which are great for after-dark use.

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