Should You DIY?

Home improvements can be expensive. From buying materials to hiring help, they can take a sizeable chunk out of your bank account. Those who are relatively handy—and armed with a plethora of Pinterest and Youtube knowledge—may consider tackling an improvement project themselves.

When wondering if you should hire out or go DIY, consider the following.

a person installing new wood floorsHow Complex is the Project?

Building a new bookshelf? You can probably manage. Turning that laundry room into a half bath? Don’t even think about it. Really consider whether you have the time, skills, tools, help, and legal knowledge of local regulations to get the job done.

Consider the Resale

When weighing your DIY options, consider what will happen when it comes time to resell your home. You may not mind that wonky trim job or uneven concrete pour, but your potential buyer might. If the quality of your work is less than professional, your home’s value could drop.

So, unless you’re highly skilled or experienced, shy away from major home improvements that involve structural changes. Stick to building shelves, painting, and other minor improvements instead.

hundred dollar bills in the shape of a houseDo the Math

While you could save up to an estimated 20 percent of the project cost doing the work yourself, be aware that you could also end up spending more money and time if you botch the job or unforeseen problems arise.

What are Your Home Improvement Plans?

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