Live in Bethesda MD

Just Another Few Reasons Why People Love to Live in Bethesda

One unique neighborhood in Bethesda, MD offers an appealing mix of old school charm and new age convenience. The Glen Mar neighborhood draws in an astounding number of individuals, with over fifteen homes sold in just the last twelve months. This number, in fact, left no homes for sale in the neighborhood, much to the dismay of many prospective purchasers.

The reason behind this mad dash to purchase is obvious. The location is great, the neighbors are friendly, the architectural diversity is visually appealing, and the close-knit neighborhood offers community gatherings like the ones you grew up with. Neighbors are on a first name basis with one another, and the area is incredibly safe, with crime rates that are next to nothing. With all of this going on, what isn’t to love about the Glen Mar neighborhood in Bethesda?

Architectural Diversity

While many modern neighborhoods feature cookie-cutter homes that are hard to tell apart from one another, this great neighborhood offers a lot of diversity. There is a style of home for every person’s unique preferences. The historic neighborhood was developed during the 1940s and 1950s, and many of the colonial-styled and rambler homes still exist today. Where old homes have been demolished, modernly styled artistic homes with all the latest conveniences have replaced them.

This combination of architecture is incredibly visually appealing. At every turn there is a unique home sure to turn an eye. This makes leisurely walks through the neighborhood an exciting event, because you just never know what decade the homes around the corner will avail you to.


The location of the Glen Mar neighborhood is incredibly convenient. A five-minute drive or fifteen-minute walk allows you access to the Shops at Summer Place, as well as a combination indoor and outdoor mall.

There are also numerous landmarks nearby, close enough to experience with just a short drive. The most notable of these include: Glen Mar Neighborhood Park (which features a playground, basketball court, and tennis courts), the Capital Crescent Trail, Washington D.C., the C&O Canal, the local school district, and the Potomac.

Close-Knit Community

The community is close-knit, with most people having a first name relationship with their neighbors– just like way back in the 1940’s when it was created. The neighborhood also features three big events each year which are designed to allow the entire community to interact with one another. There is an ice cream social during the summer. In the fall there is a community picnic, and a fun Halloween Parade enjoyed by people of all ages.

Little to No Crime

For people raising their children in this neighborhood, the super low crime rate is amongst the top of the list of many benefits associated with living there. Last year there was only one assault reported, and no other major crimes to speak of. This is well below both the state and national averages for crime, which allows parents peace of mind.