Wall Paper Trends

5 Wallpaper Trends Happening Right Now

There has always been a debate over wallpaper. Some designers will say wallpaper out, but others claim that recent trends are making wallpaper more desirable than ever. If you’re interested in breathing new life into your space, check out these five awesome wallpaper trends.

A Marbled Effect

Marble is the epitome of high-class luxury, and it’s commonly found on floors, counters, and other areas of bathrooms and kitchens, but it can be incorporated into just about any space. Marble-effect wallpaper is an incredibly popular trend these days, particularly if the traditional black, white, cream, and gray is swirled with a hint of pastel pinks or cool blues. For small spaces, you can add the paper to every wall for a luxurious, open feel, and for larger spaces, you can consider wallpapering only one wall to serve as a focal point.


Though most of us remember large-scale maps from our childhood classrooms, they are making a huge comeback in the form of wallpaper. You can find maps of the entire world, or you can take a more localized approach. Some of the best ideas for making map wallpaper fit your space involves using it behind the seating area in your living or family room, making it a focal point in an office or library, or even sprucing up a child’s room with a map of his or her favorite place – real or otherwise.

Botanical Patterns

Botanical patterns are always popular because they allow you to bring some of the outdoors in. For many people, the look of plants and flowers is relaxing, and it creates an oasis in their homes. Botanical printed wallpaper comes in many styles; ferns and palms are some of the most popular options with their deep greens. You can also find botanical wallpaper in a mural style that can completely transform a playroom, bathroom, or other space.  

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns were all the rage in home décor back in the 1980s, but fortunately, today’s options are more modern and not as showy. Overlapping circles, triangles, and even figure-eights in blacks, whites, and other neutrals can really help a room “pop”, especially if you put this paper along one wall and accent it with colorful accessories. There are many shapes and options from which to choose, so pick one that suits your taste and your style, then have some fun.

Wallpapered Ceilings

Walls shouldn’t be the only part of your home to have all the fun, and that’s why some of today’s designers have turned to wallpapering their ceilings. You can choose traditional wallpaper, or you can get a bit fancier and go with an embossed, textured option. Some of the most popular wallpapers for ceilings offer up a hint of metallic shine, a bold pop of color, or even a mural that mimics the appearance of the sky.

Today’s wallpaper trends are taking interior design to a brand-new level and allowing homeowners to express their personal senses of style in a fun, simple, and elegant way. Whether you choose to wallpaper your ceiling with a unique bold pattern or place a map of the world on your bathroom wall, the possibilities are truly endless.