Montgomery County

4 Areas of Montgomery County Ideal for a New Home Purchase

Whether you’re new to Montgomery County or you’re just ready to make a change, there are four different areas that are absolutely perfect for buying a new home this year. Each one offers up its own unique set of benefits, and you can rest assured that you’ll be investing your money wisely.


Bethesda, Maryland is every foodie’s dream. You’ll find French, Spanish, and even Persian cuisine within just a few miles of one another. It’s a safe and secure community that is perfect for raising children, and thanks to the number of cinemas, parks, museums, and performing arts facilities, you will never be without something exciting to do. There’s ample public transportation in Bethesda, too, which means you can get around the city with ease. It’s a well-regarded community and the per-capita annual income is well above the country’s national average.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is yet another outstanding community that truly defines what it’s like living in Montgomery County. If you’re a fitness buff, this is the place for you with its plentiful pools, recreation centers, parks, bike routes, and more. Shopping is also plentiful with specialty boutiques and novelty items within walking distance of one another. It’s a peaceful, low-crime community where families can walk around at night without fear. It’s a more affluent community, and while home prices have slightly dropped over the last year, buyers have lots of options thanks to the numerous listings.


The Farmington subdivision is a beautiful location in Chevy Chase, MD that offers various beautiful homes at affordable prices. These homes are perfect for large families and those who prefer lots of extra space for hobbies, office space, and more. Homes here have between five and six bedrooms alongside three to five full bathrooms, making them ideal for anyone who wants personal space for each member of the family. Because the community is located in Chevy Chase, residents will enjoy low crime rates and plenty of amenities within a few miles.


Wildwood is one of the nicest and oldest neighborhoods in the Bethesda area, and it offers a variety of outstanding large homes for families interested in luxury and style. These homes range from more modern brick structures to older multi-story columned homes reminiscent of the old plantation style, and thanks to its centralized location, shopping, amenities, and fine dining are well within driving distance. Home prices here are about 20% less than all homes within a 20-mile radius, and they are priced at just under $925,000 on average.

As you can see, Montgomery County certainly offers something for everyone. With low crime rates, gorgeous scenery, and plenty to see, do, and eat, it’s no wonder that more people than ever before call this lovely Maryland county home. Low crime rates, high average annual salaries, and some of the best schools in the Northeast make this the ideal place to live out the American dream and invest in a home you can call your own.