Real Estate Photography

5 Tips for Better Real Estate Photography

When listing your home on the real estate market, you’ll want to make certain that the photographs accompanying the ad are as beautiful as possible. These photos will serve as first impressions for buyers, and they truly need to be immaculate. Before pulling out your camera – and even before hiring a pro – it’s essential that you understand how your photos should look. The five tips below will do just that when preparing your home for sale.

#1 – Don’t Photograph a Cluttered Home

Though it’s understandable if you have some repairs or maintenance going on in the weeks leading up to selling your home, it’s important that this is not apparent in your real estate photographs. Before getting started, make sure your home is perfectly staged, both inside and out. The goal of the photos is to show potential buyers the value they’ll get for their money, and anything other than perfection may not sit well.

#2 – Photograph at the Right Time of Day

It may be tempting to go outside in the middle of the afternoon while the sun is at its highest, but this isn’t ideal. In fact, shooting photos at this time of the day makes for some seriously harsh lighting that could leave your home washed out. Try photographing just after dawn or just before dusk, making use of the natural light for both inside and outside shots. When photographing indoors, open blinds and drapes when you can, and use daylight bulbs to illuminate rooms when you cannot.

#3 – Wide Angle Shots are Appreciated

A wide-angle lens will allow you to capture more of your home in a single shot. This is especially helpful when you’re photographing the entirety of your home from the curb or when you’re attempting to show off the open concept design on the main level. Some cameras may have wide-angle settings built right in, but it’s typically best to use a camera with a lens made specifically for this purpose. This way, you won’t have to worry quite as much about distortion or loss of resolution.

#4 – Always Use a Tripod

A tripod is a must-have accessory when it comes to real estate photography. Not only does it allow you to put your camera down safely, but it also provides unsurpassed stability – particularly if you need to use zoom for any shots or if you’re working with low or poor-quality lighting. The extra stabilization will keep your shots crisp and crystal clear, making them far more professional.

#5 – Check Your Settings

If you’re using a DSLR camera, then you’ll have access to various settings designed to help you get better photos. For real estate photography just after dawn or just before dusk, be sure to set the ISO to 400 or less, the aperture somewhere between F8 and F11, and the shutter speed between 1/60 and 1/2 a second. If you’re unsure what these settings do, or if you can’t find them in your camera, you may want to consider hiring a professional.

These tips are ideal for anyone who wants to get the best possible photographs of their homes and properties to include in a real estate listing. If you are unfamiliar with photography, it is likely a good idea to contact a professional or to ask your real estate agent of choice for recommendations.