Selling Home in Fall

Selling your Home? Pro Tips for Getting Your Lawn Ready

Summer is now gone, and while that might mean mowing a little less frequently, it also means that the leaves will be creating a mess on your lawn. Below, you’ll discover tips from lawn care professionals that will help you ensure your lawn is as gorgeous as can be throughout the season. This is even more important if you’re planning on selling your home right now

Don’t Stop Mowing

There’s a pretty good chance that you’re already tired of the weekly (or more frequent) mowing, but now is not the time to stop. Rather, it’s time to change things up just a bit. Continue mowing the lawn as needed, but as the temperatures become cooler and the days become shorter, start dropping your mower blade as closely to the ground as possible. Not only does this allow more light to reach the grass at its base, but it also helps reduce the appearance of browning as your grass starts to die back in the winter.

Pull the Weeds

Weeding is no one’s favorite task, but as the summer months draw to a close, it becomes incredibly important. Pulling weeds each weekend throughout the summer and into the fall will help your grass grow lush and thick. This way, after it dies back in the winter and then starts turning green next spring, it will look thicker and healthier. As an added bonus, you’ll have fewer weeds to pull next year, too.

Rake the Leaves

There’s no doubt that raking leaves is difficult, and the larger your yard, the longer it takes. However, failing to remove the leaves promptly blocks precious sunlight, and this can adversely affect the health of your lawn overall. Be sure to rake at least each week, and consider getting the kids to help rake in between, too. It may be time-consuming but failing to do so could result in unsightly dead spots.

Apply Fertilizer

Even though your grass will enter its dormant stage as the temperatures continue to drop, it’s important that you give it the nutrients it needs to survive those colder temps. If you aren’t already applying fertilizer in the fall, now is the time to start. Even though your grass may turn brown in the cold, the fertilizer allows the roots to grow strong and healthy. This way, when things brighten up in the spring, your lawn is fresh and revitalized.

Aerate the Lawn

Most people don’t take the time to properly aerate their lawns, but those who do – especially just before applying fertilizer – often have the best results. You can aerate by hand or with aerator machines, and when you’re finished, you can feel confident that water and fertilizer will find its way to the roots and keep things healthier until spring comes around next year.

Fall lawn care does not differ much from the summer routine, but it is important to make sure you fertilize and aerate prior to the first freeze. Aside from this, raking until the leaves stop falling and mowing until the grass stops growing are the best ways to ensure the healthiest lawn possible.