Top DC School Districts

Moving to DC? Here are the Top School Districts in the Area for your Kids

If you’re moving to DC with your family, having a better understanding of the school districts can help you make better decisions based on your children’s needs. Here, you’ll learn more about some of the best school districts and what they have to offer.

Arlington Public Schools

Arlington Public Schools is one of the most highly-rated districts in and around DC. It serves kids from kindergarten through high school, and it offers a low faculty-to-student ratio of just 12 to one. Test scores show that 86% of students are proficient in math and reading. This district offers AP courses in high school, gifted programs at all ages, and even has an international baccalaureate program that encourages studying abroad. This school district caters to those living in and around the Arlington area.

Falls Church City Public Schools

Though the district is small with only just over 2500 kids in grades K through 12, it is one of the best districts in the area and one that parents can feel great about. Like Arlington, it offers AP, gifted, and IB programs to its students, and it gets outstanding reviews. State test results show an 88% math proficiency and 92% in reading, which is well above average for the area. The district is open to those who live in and around the Falls Church, Virginia area.

Fairfax County Public Schools

The Fairfax County district is one of the largest in the area, but it’s also one of the best. Over 220 schools ranging from elementary through high school make up this district, and it offers up an 87% graduation rate, too. As of 2018, 185,000 students were enrolled across the district’s schools, which offer AP, gifted, and IB programs as well as alternative, remedial, and special education. This school district serves those who live outside district limits but within Fairfax County.

Montgomery County Public Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools receive high rankings, and for good reason. This is the ideal district for college prep thanks to its 16 to one faculty-to-student ratio and its AP, gifted, and IB programs. It offers a 90% average graduation rate across its 31 high schools spread across the area, too. This school is known for its welcoming atmosphere and wonderful attitude toward cultural and economic diversity.

Prince William County Public Schools

This district serves families in and around the Manassas area, and it offers up high proficiencies in reading and mathematics along with low faculty-to-student ratios. Like the other school districts on the list, this one also offers IB, AP, and gifted programs, and it is very highly rated among alumni, parents, and faculty. It is one of the most diverse districts in the state of Virginia, and parents claim that it is also one of the safest schools in all of DC.

If you are moving to DC and you are concerned about quality schools, each of these districts offers something unique – and each is rated highly by students, parents, and staff, as well. Homes are available in each district, too, so be sure to mention your favorites to your real estate agent.