Impress Potential Buyers with These 5 Warm Weather Landscaping Tips

If you’re selling your home, then there’s a great deal on your plate. Not only are you looking for a home of your own, but you are also doing your very best to make your home as enticing as possible to potential buyers both inside and out. These five warm weather landscaping tips will go a long way toward impressing potential buyers and selling your home even more quickly.

#1 – Add (or Update) Your Containers

Now that the weather is warm in the DC area, it’s time to consider moving some of your container plants outdoors. Containers are a great way to spruce up the landscaping without spending a small fortune. These containers appeal to buyers because they can be easily moved back indoors when the weather turns cold, but in the warmer months, they can add a tropical feel to the yard. The best places for container plants? Patios, walkways, and near entries and exits.

#2 – Add Some Color

There are numerous species of flowers that will thrive in the local area, so do some research and try to come up with a colorful plan. If you choose colors that are in season – pinks and yellows for spring; reds, blues, and purples for summer – you can truly catch buyers’ eyes. Bright colors offset foliage, and if you plan carefully based on the color scheme of the rest of your exterior décor, you can instantly up your home’s curb appeal with an afternoon’s worth of planting.

#3 – Hire a Landscaper

Basic maintenance is vital, and there’s no amount of updating containers or adding colorful flowers that can detract from overgrown trees and shrubs. Hire a landscaper to pare and trim things back so they look fresh and new. Things like dead branches and shrubs that have grown out over walkways seem neglectful, and this can create a poor first impression. Pruning and trimming can be a lengthy job, so if at all possible, hire a professional to handle it for you.

#4 – Put Down some Fresh Mulch

Believe it or not, even the much in your flowerbeds can have a serious impact on a buyer’s impression of your home. Over time, mulch tends to fade, so by simply adding a little more on top – or replacing it if it’s in especially bad condition – you can transform the look of your beds. You can choose from traditional colors like black and brown, but these days, there are various bold colors, too. These include blue, red, and every other color of the rainbow. Mulch is cheap and easy to put down, so this should be at the top of your list.

#5 – Power-Wash Everything

Last, but most certainly not least, the exterior of your home, your walkways, your driveway, and other landscaping elements will get dirty over time. A simple pressure washing can remove years’ worth of dirt and grime, making everything potential buyers can see shine like new. Unless you own a pressure washer and you are confident in your ability to use it, this is a task best left to a professional. The warm weather means potential buyers will start looking for their dream homes, but it is up to you to ensure your home’s exterior meets their expectations. These five warm weather landscaping tips will go a long way toward enticing buyers to give your home a chance.