Home Owners Insurance

First Time Homebuyer? Follow These Tips for Buying Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is an important part of responsible homeownership. It will help protect your investment in the event of some sort of natural disaster or other event. Below, you will gain some important tips for finding the best possible homeowners insurance to suit your needs. 

The Cheapest is Rarely the Best Option for You 

Every single policy in existence should provide you with some very basic forms of protection. You will need to be certain that the one you’re buying has the following: 

  • Liability Coverage: If someone visiting you is injured on your property and decides to sue, this is the coverage that will pay for those injuries. 
  • Personal Property Protection: This coverage protects the value of everything inside your home in the event it is stolen or damaged. 
  • Dwelling Coverage: Finally, this part of your coverage is for the home itself as well as anything attached to it, such as a garage or a sunroom. 

Optional coverages may also be available, so be sure to review these to find out what works best for your needs. Don’t go with the cheapest policy because it may not provide all the coverage you need. 

Bundle Up

There’s a good chance that you already have auto insurance, and if you don’t have life insurance, you should. By bundling all three of these options together, you can get some significant discounts on them through major companies and small companies alike. The best part is that when you choose to bundle your coverages together, it makes it easier for your agent to help you pick coverages that best suit your life and your needs based on the other coverages you might already have. 

Fix Your Credit Score (if Applicable) 

There’s a lot that can be said for improving your credit score. Even if your score was high enough to allow you to obtain a mortgage, there’s likely still some room for improvement. Work with a financial analyst if you can to figure out some of the best ways to get your score up there. The higher your credit score, the less you are likely to pay for homeowners (and other) insurance, and the more coverages you can get for the same price. Some states use your credit score to determine how risky you’ll be as a policyholder, so keep that in mind. 

Buy Enough Insurance

Finally, make sure that you’re buying the right amount of coverage for your individual needs. Sometimes, people pay for far more coverage than they need; in other cases, people find that they didn’t have enough coverage. Work with your insurer to appraise your belongings and buy coverage that will actually replaces everything rather than just some of your things. Don’t feel as if you must settle for the default coverage limits; there’s always the option to buy more coverage. 

Buying homeowners insurance for the first time can feel overwhelming, but the tips here can help you make a better decision about your policy, the price, and ultimately even the coverages you choose. It is possible to buy an affordable policy that gives you all the right coverage in just the right amount.