How To Social Distance in the DC Metro Without Going Crazy

Most DC Metro and Montgomery County residents are feeling pretty cooped up by now (especially those who live in downtown Washington, D.C.). It’s been a bumpy ride over the last few weeks and it’s hard to tell when it will be over. The best thing we can all do right now to “flatten the curve” is get comfortable with the idea of staying home. We have five ideas for you to do while you’re social distancing.

#1 – Host an At-Home Game Night

There’s nothing wrong with a little Netflix binge-watching every now and then. But you need to take a break from the screens every once in awhile. Don’t forget to interact with the person and little people sitting next to you on the couch. An easy way to get the conversation flowing? Game night!

Here are some family game night ideas.

And once the kids have gone to bed, here are some choice adult game night ideas.

2. Actually Do Spring Cleaning This Year

Spring cleaning is often a nice idea that doesn’t ever get executed; or at least not executed properly. Never will you ever have so much time at home, so why not make it look beautiful? We’re talking decluttering, organizing, and minimizing (if you’re into that sort of thing). For example, have you ever considered hanging your pots and pans instead of storing them in crowded cabinets? And if you are clearing stuff away into a “someday” pile, it most likely means you’ll never use it.

Here are 100 organizing tips.

And some Marie Kondo wisdom.

#3 – Have Date Night…At Home

Maybe you and your significant other are vigilant about regular date nights and you’re really missing getting out on the town. Or maybe you’ve got young kids and you’re terrible at it. Either way, now is a great time to have an at-home date night. You could cook together, go through old photo albums, or even go stargazing in your backyard. Ah. So romantic.

Here are 20 more romantic ideas.

#4 – Do Some Serious Home Maintenance

Still have that “honey-do” list of home maintenance projects lying around? Now is the time to break it out and start checking things off. Especially if you’re considering selling your DC Metro home anytime soon. Here’s a short list to get you started:

  • Probe the wood trim
  • Check the gutters
  • Touch up the paint job, or do a fresh coat
  • Look for leaky pipes and water stains in the wall
  • Clean the chimney
  • Check smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors

 Need more ideas? Read this and this for inspiration.  

# 5 — Get Fresh Air. Please!

You may be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside your home. As much as you can, get outside for some fresh air. Time outdoors has been shown to boost the immune system, decrease stress, increase happiness, and boost energy (source).

It may be as simple as stepping out on your front porch if you live in an apartment (read a book, do some yoga, stretch). But that might be enough. In which case, it’s still safe to go on walks and hikes as long as you maintain proper social distancing practices (avoid close contact, distance yourself at least 6 feet away, avoid crowded areas).

Here are four DC hikes to get away from crowds.