Virtual Things To Do In DC Metro (That Support Local Business)

If you’re anything like us, every day feels like groundhog day at this point. You’re just trying to get through your “work” day — we use this loosely if you have kids running around. And it’s pretty easy to slump into Netflix binging at night or cartoons on the weekends. We get it. We really really do. But typically, if we know our DC Metro community, you’d be out and about at this time of the year. Exploring the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C., going to concerts at the Strathmore in Montgomery County, or planning BBQs or graduation parties in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, we can’t do any of those things quite yet. But what we can do is tap in to all that our local businesses are offering us virtually, while also giving them a little support to keep their doors open. Here are four ways you can do that.

Have a Virtual Petting Zoo Party

Squeels on Wheels, Washington DC’s Traveling Pet Zoo, is typically the place to go when you want to host animals at your child’s birthday party. They have a mobile petting zoo with everything from miniature pigs, to hedgehogs, to miniature horses! With quarantine, their typical business has come to a halt. But they have found a way to keep serving the DC Metro area. They now provide fun and educational virtual programs online. The kids can virtually “meet” animals large and small. Each program comes with an age-appropriate presentation plus interactive or printable learning activities.  


Jam Out with Your Kids “At” the Strathmore

Ideal for ages 6-12, Saturday Family Jam Sessions allow kids (and their parents) to spend their weekend mornings singing and playing with professional musicians. Expect everything from Brazilian music, to Blues, to Swing and Bucket Drumming. The sessions are free and open to the public. That said, donations will allow this DC icon to continue to employ local artists and offer more programs like this one.


Admire the Cherry Blossoms from A Far

There’s no sugar-coating it. Missing the cherry blossoms this year was a sad reality of social distancing. The National Cherry Blossom Festival was cancelled and local authorities strongly discouraged people from visiting the Tidal Basin. However, there were a few lucky photographers who got to witness the beauty and capture it for you all to see. Check out the Cherry Blossom 2020 wrap up here:


Go to a Virtual Movie at AFI

AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center in Montgomery County, Maryland is typically the perfect place for date night. This community-centered theater presents a variety of film and video programming, augmented by filmmaker interviews, musical performances and other events. Whether it’s enjoying silent film accompanied by live music or a 70mm wide screen showing, AFI is the place to be for any true movie buff. Obviously, a little bit of the magic goes away when you can’t be there in person. But just like everybody else, they are doing everything they can to keep their doors open through these uncertain times. With that in mind, we invite you to pop some corn, pull up a couch, and visit their virtual theater to steam films at home and support this Montgomery County icon.