Spotlight on Local Chevy Chase Business: Blue 44

It’s May in Montgomery County, Maryland. Typically, this is when people are happy to venture out every day of the week to enjoy the nice weather and maybe a cocktail with friends after work at a local Chevy Chase restaurant. But instead, cafe, diner, and neighborhood hangout seats are empty, and much of their staff is waiting anxiously at home, hoping their restaurant can survive the coronavirus storm.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Local Montgomery County businesses need your support now more than ever. One of the easiest businesses you can support while stuck at home is a restaurant by getting takeout or delivery. There are plenty of options, from Lia’s to Macon Bistro & Larder that are making it easy for you to enjoy their food from home. But today, we’re going to focus on Chevy Chase’s favorite neighborhood hangout, Blue 44.

What Kind of Food Do They Serve?

Blue 44 serves New American cuisine with a strong emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Their goal is to bring the best local ingredients to their community to promote health and well-being.

Who Do They Serve?

You may not be frequenting restaurants to dine-in any time soon, but when you do, know that Blue 44 is very family friendly. They owner is a family man himself. Because of this, he strives to provide a welcoming environment (and kid-friendly food) for children of all ages (and a good night for the parents too).

What Are They Doing To Increase Health & Safety Right Now?

They have increased the frequency and attention with which they sanitize the restaurant. They are following CDC recommendations, asking staff to remain home if showing symptoms or coming into contact with an infected individual. And they are limiting their menu to address their current staffing needs.

Who’s The Brains Behind the Operation?

Once a student at American University, Christofer Nardelli, fell in love with the restaurant business while working at Café Ole for his mentor, Ziad Maalouf in Tenleytown as a server, bartender, and manager. He opened Blue 44 in April 2011.

Who’s Cooking?

Chef James Turner, graduate of the Baltimore International Culinary College, and Maryland native with an extensive resume in the industry — from the historical Tidewater Inn in Easton, to the Boston Ritz Carlton, to Persimmon in Bethesda which he helped raise from two stars to three.

How Good Is It?

Blue 44 has been a three time consecutive winner of the Washington City paper’s Reader’s Award for Best Fried Chicken, has been featured in local and regional publications on a regular basis, and made international headlines as the place that received a $2,000 tip for its stellar food and service.

What’s Popular On The Menu?

Their famous Zagat-rated, Bistro Chicken, The delicious Old Bay Wings and Fries, and the Tres Leche Cake that Bethesda Magazine calls “spot on.” That said, they are offering a limited menu for curbside and delivery. Don’t worry, the Old Bay Wings are still on the menu.

How Do You Order?

Blue 44 is now offering curbside pick-up and local delivery (within a 1 mile radius).

Note: We encourage you to call the restaurant directly (with any local takeout orders you make). Third-party delivery services are making commissions that could be going to the restaurant.

For Blue 44, that number is 202-362-2583 or 202-362-2591.

Bon Appetit, Chevy Chase! And stay home, stay healthy.