What To Do This Fall in Washington, DC

It was the first day of fall in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, September 22nd. And let us just say, you have not truly seen fall until you’ve lived in the DC Metro. You know all these tree-lined streets, lush gardens, and parks that encompass our beautiful DC Metro area? They look even more beautiful in the fall. We’ve got four ways to fully enjoy your fall in Washington, D.C.

#1 — Visit a Cidery

D.C. is really good at the food scene. So it should come at no surprise that they excel at homemade ciders. If you’re near Shaw, check out Anxo for its 24 ciders on draft, and a socially-distanced patio to enjoy them on. Staying home? They’ve got you covered with the option to purchase online. If you’re willing to leave the city for a more farmhouse feel, look no further than Mt. Defiance in Middleburg, Virginia. This cider barn and distillery plays with ginger and honey infused varieties, as well as serves spirits like apple brandy, bourbon whiskey, and more.

#2 — Crunch in Leaves at The National Mall

You know that feeling when you get to walk across an entire plot of grass, and with every step, there’s a thick crunch of leaves? This, among other things, is the beauty of The National Mall in the fall. “America’s Front Yard,” some call it, is right in the heart of Washington, D.C. Grab a pumpkin spice latte at a local coffee shop downtown, then stroll to The National Mall with a blanket to enjoy the view of the Washington Monument or the Capitol Building.

#3 — Get the Perfect Seasonal Treat

Speaking of pumpkin spice lattes, D.C. does bakeries, coffee shops, and all things delicious better than anyone. Have you ever tried a pumpkin spice cupcake? The Sweetbites food truck serves up one that is rich, cinnnamony and puts Starbucks’ PSL to shame. If you’re looking to be really indulgent, the kibbeh at Neyla is a must: a deep-fried dumpling with a pumpkin, marshmallow filling. Did we mention ground-up walnuts and truffle oil as a garnish? Last but not least, the award for the best pumpkin latte goes to…Ceremony Coffee Bethesda Crescent. Maybe it’s because it’s local, or maybe it’s because their Brown Sugar Pumpkin Spiced Latte, made with oat milk and pumpkin sauce hits every craving we have come fall.

#4 — Enjoy Something Free in D.C.

The beauty of Washington, D.C. is that you could spend an entire day in the city, taking in monuments and gardens, and not spend a dime. Until you get hungry, of course. Here are a few of our favorite free DC spots to visit during autumn:

  • US National Arboretum
  • National Gallery of Art (West building is currently open)
  • The George Washington Memorial Parkway
  • The Exorcist stairs in historic Georgetown