What Inspectors Do Not Inspect in DC Metro Homes for Sale

The main objective of your home inspection is to make you—the homebuyer— aware of any issues currently associated with the property. But when inspection day rolls around, it’s important that you know your inspector will not always inspect everything and you may be left with a few questions or even surprises down the road.

To avoid any headaches after you’ve purchased a home in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Washington DC, Northern Virginia or the surrounding areas, keep in mind the following areas that the inspector may not be checking:

The roof

Not all inspectors are qualified to inspect roofing, so be sure to consult your inspect to find out if you will need to call a specialist. It may also be more difficult to fully inspect the roof if it is covered with snow.

The chimney

If you think your home may have structural damage, hiring a chimney specialist may be a wise decision. They will be able to further research damage hiding inside of the chimney with a small camera.

The sewer

Your inspector may do as much as flush the toilets and run the water to make sure things are in working order, but a sewer specialist will be able to expand on whether your sewer line is in good condition, if there are any cracks or tree roots causing a problem now or in the future. This is one place you will want to have covered— these repairs can be very costly later!

Permitted/Non-Permitted Spaces

You will not have to hire any additional experts to determine if a space has been properly permitted, but your inspector and real estate agent will be able to shed some light. While purchasing a home with extra room in the form of a porch, converted garage or additional bedrooms may sound appealing, these can cause a hassle if they need to be brought up to code.

If you have questions about purchasing a home in Metro DC this year, give The Estridge Group a call! We are here to walk you through the process, from finding the right property to the important steps like the home inspection!