4 Things in Your Metro DC Kitchen That Will Deter Buyers

When you’re selling your home in the DC Metro, you will want to take every precaution to ensure you are hooking buyers, not deterring them from putting in an offer. There are dozens of factors that come into play to keep buyers interested in your home. Pricing the property well and getting familiar with home staging are all important, but there’s one place you will want to focus your attention on a little more prior to listing— the kitchen.

Below are four things in your Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia kitchen that could be putting buyers off:

Household pests
Especially if you live in an older home, you will likely have an encounter or two with household pests like ants or flies. However, this is the last thing buyers want to see when they tour your home! Make sure you’re rid of these bugs (or worse, mice!) before buyers arrive at the front door and at the very least, remove all traps from view.

Kitchens are a major selling point for Metro DC homes and you want to make sure yours looks as large and clean as possible. One way to do so? Remove all clutter from countertops. When you have small appliances, jars, plates, or knick knacks littering the counters, it can make the space feel smaller than it is.

Your trash
We all have trash cans somewhere in our kitchen, but no one wants to focus on that when they’re touring a Washington DC, Maryland, or NoVA home. If your trash can is out in the open, make sure the can is empty to avoid odors and ensure the space looks as clean as possible.

Just as we mentioned that buyers could be turned off by your trash and kitchen clutter, the same goes for dirty dishes. Before buyers arrive, take care to do the dishes in the sink and leave the sink as fresh looking as you can. Dirty dishes give off the impression that you haven’t kept up the rest of the property— even if you have.

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